Center for Advanced Water Research (CAWR)

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Research, Education & Training, Transfer

Safe water for human and environment

Water in a good quality and adequate quantity is a fundamental basis of life for humankind and the environment. In many global challenges, such as food or energy security, human health and ecosystems, flood defence and droughts or the provision of drinking water and sanitation systems, water is becoming a very critical element for a sustainable society in Germany, in Europe and worldwide.

This integrative partnership uses the synergies of interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration, resulting in advanced top level research on key challenges related to water resources. This serves as a basis for a research-oriented education and training as well as a scientifically based policy advice. In cooperation with stakeholders and partners from industry the scientists of the CAWR are working together for the development and implementation of innovative technologies and concepts for a sustainable water resources management - in present and future.

For a stronger water research in Germany

The CAWR is a joint center of the TUD and the UFZ. The CAWR was founded on October 8th, 2013. As a joint center between university and non-university research institutes with a focus on inter- and transdisciplinary water research, the CAWR supports the goals of the Water Science Alliance – the platform of the German water research community. Furthermore CAWR contributes to the research of the Helmholtz Water Network.