The thematic focus of the center in research and education provides a range of application fields, both in Germany as well as internationally.

On the one hand, transfer at CAWR stands for converting research findings and know-how into flexible instruments and concepts that can form the basis for solutions adapted to other projects and sites. On the other hand, transfer also means cooperating with stakeholders from industry and facilitating the flow of scientific results into political decisions and guidelines or their conversion into technological measures.

Cooperations and contacts

Both the TUD and the UFZ have excellent contacts that enable a transfer and implementation of research work: cooperation and contacts with the GIZ and the KfW (German Development Bank) and hence also with the TZ-EZ (Technological and development work through the BMZ), with international training institutions (e.g UNU-FLORES, CIPSEM-UNEP, IHP), with stakeholders such as the German Water Partnership (GWP), but also direct contacts with federal, national and international ministries.

Photos: Karl-Heinz Feger (TU Dresden), Catalin Stefan (TU Dresden)