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Floristic status The floristic status tells whether a plant is native or alien to Germany. Regarding aliens, we distinguish between archaeophytes (immigrants before the discovery of the Americas) and neophytes (immigrants after the discovery of the Americas).
Evolutionary origin A taxon might have evolved naturally or due to human influence (anecophytes)
Region of origin The region of origin (evolution) is given for anecophytes
Endemism Endemic species are restricted to a confined area and not found anywhere else (i. e. endemism)
Mode of introduction Alien plants currently occurring in Germany arrived via different pathways or modes and for different reasons. As some species might have been introduced via several modes and/or several times, they will have several modes of introduction.
Time and region of first naturalization Region of naturalization states the first record of an alien plant outside human cultivation. Wherever possible, the location of the first naturalization in Germany is provided. When older dates from Central Europe are known, they will be presented additionally.
Degree of naturalization Degree of naturalization is presented after SCHROEDR (1969). This concept refers to the natural state of a vegetation unit in which a plant species grows. We present the maximum degree of naturalization in Germany, i. e. the level closest to naturalness.
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