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trait details of "Leaf anatomy"

group of trait Leaf traits
description "Leaf anatomy" reflects main structures within a leaf to fulfil specific tasks (e.g. aeration, water storage, supporting tissues).
trait attribute attribute type
Leaf anatomy range of values
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possible attribute values "Leaf anatomy"
label name description
c succulent With water storage tissue and thickened epidermis and cuticula.
s scleromorphic Firm and stiff leaves with thickened epidermis and cuticula but with mechanisms to promote water transport under beneficial conditions.
m mesomorphic Without any characteristics, between scleromorphic and hydromorphic.
y hygromorphic Delicate plants of shade and semishade.
e helomorphic With aeration tissue (large lacunae) in the root (as adaptation to oxygen deficiency in swampy soils).
a hydromorphic Adapted to gas exchange in the water.