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The Water Science Alliance aims at joining water research competences within so called “Thematic Clusters”. Common research fields have been identified among representatives from a range of research institutions and relevant learned societies, as well as representatives from the funding ministries, and the German Research Foundation. The research fields were discussed at the 1st Water Research Horizon Conference. They then were revised taking into account the comments and ideas of the more than 200 conference participants. The six prioritized research fields of the Water Science Alliance set a very broad basis for research and cover a wide range of interdisciplinary research aspects.

The current challenges identified by the water research community have been formulated within the following six research fields: 

1. New Challenges Emerging from Global and Climate Change: Food and Water, Mega-Urbanisation, Risk and Vulnerability

2. Managing Water Beyond IWRM: Target Setting, Instrument Choice and Governance

3. Managing Solute Fluxes at Catchment Scale – Safeguarding Our Health and the Environment

4. Observation, Exploration and Data Assimilation for Water Research

5. A Community Effort Towards Model Development and Data Integration for Water Science

6. Water Scarcity: New Perspectives for a Circum-Mediterranean Research Initiative

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