The Centre of Competence for Soil,
Groundwater and Site Revitalisation


Research Results and Products

What are TASK products?

Products of TASK are research results in the field of soil, groundwater and site revitalisation with a high practical applicability. TASK products should already have a high level of marketability. It is also an advantage when there is already a demand for the product.

TASK products include among others:

  • Technical processes and methods
  • Modells, modelling tools
  • Management strategies and concepts
  • Procedure guidelines, regulations, standards
  • Software tools
  • Education and further training

How to find potential TASK products?

National and EU funding priorities and research projects are investigated by TASK for suitable potential products that can be marketed. Among the assessed research projects are:

National projects:

EU projects:

How to identify TASK products?

The identification of products has been based on:

  • Project analysis (reports, internet and literature research)
  • Exploratory interviews between TASK and project managers
  • Meetings of experts, trade fairs, and lectures etc.

High priority products are established by conducting exploratory interviews with the corresponding project consortia managers and project participants. In addition talks with different companies were carried out.

In situ thermal treatment - ISTT

Guidelines "In situ thermal treatment (ISTT) for source zone remediation of soil and groundwater"

Bilateral Spring Workshop: Sustainable Land Re-Use Tools for Practitioners

April 19, 2012, Cincinnati, Ohio


Model driven Soil Probing, Site Assessment and Evaluation


Tailored Improvement of Brownfield Regeneration in Europe