International Conference
Novel Methods for Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring:
From Theory to Practice
NovCare 2015
May 19-21, 2015
Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Application of Direct Push -Technology for subsurface characterization ( Photo: Künzelmann(UFZ))

The NovCare 2015 International Conference (Novel Methods for Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring: From Theory to Practice) will take place May 19-21, 2015 at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, a delightful college town in the central United States. This conference, organized by the Kansas Geological Survey, Michigan State University, the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, and the University of Tübingen, is the fourth conference in a series that has proven to be an excellent forum for exchanging ideas and experiences related to the challenges of subsurface characterization and monitoring. Previous conferences in the series were in Leipzig in 2009, Cape Cod in 2011, and Leipzig again in 2013.

NovCare 2015 will again provide an outstanding platform for researchers and practitioners from all over the world to share research on innovative methods for characterization and monitoring of aquifers, soils, and watersheds.

Conference Highlights:

  • Sixty talks and posters by presenters from five continents.
  • Nine keynote speakers discussing recent developments in subsurface characterization. The presentations will span the full breadth of the conference thematic areas from airborne electromagnetics to in-situ high-frequency monitoring of water chemistry.
  • Dr. Rainer Helwig will present his 2015 Darcy Lecture on the energy-groundwater nexus in a presentation open to the general public on the second morning of the conference.
  • Field Demonstrations : recent technological developments for subsurface characterization will be demonstrated at a nearby Kansas Geological Survey field site. Demonstrations will involve direct-push methods for high-resolution subsurface characterization, surface and downhole methods based on nuclear magnetic resonance technology, distributed temperature sensing applications for groundwater flux measurements, and point measurements of groundwater velocity.
  • Sponsor Exhibits – conference sponsors will showcase their tools and services at exhibits throughout the conference.
  • Mini-courses – tutorial-like seminars by world leaders to help attendees understand 1) geostatistical methods for exploiting high-resolution spatial data, 2) the wide range of direct-push methods for subsurface characterization.
  • Research to Practice Roundtable – the final session of the conference that will focus on approaches for moving promising methods from research studies to practical use.

Conference Organizers

Kansas Geological Survey
UFZ- Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
Department of GEology


  • Special Issue on NovCare 2015 please inform  Uta Sauer by June 30, 2015 about your intention to submit a paper


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Contact us

NovCare 2015 Kansas Coordinator
Steve Knobbe
Kansas Geological Survey
University of Kansas

+1 785 864-2111

NovCare 2015 European Coordinator
Uta Sauer
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department Monitoring and Exploration Technologies

+49 341 235-1458 (new)
+49 341 235-1837

Past Conferences

NovCare 2009 (May 13-16, 2009 in Leipzig, Germany)

NovCare 2011 (May 9-11, 2011 in Cape Code, USA)

NovCare 2013 (May 13-16, 2013 in Leipzig, Germany)