iSOIL - Interactions between soil related sciences -
Linking geophysics, soil science and digital soil mapping

Potential Impact

Providing a methodology for target-orientated soil mapping across different scales, the iSOIL project has wide-ranging applications and is suitable up to landscape scales. iSOIL is pioneering an approach whereby it unites digital soil mapping and geophysical measurements to map parameters to derive soil property maps. For that reason high resolution, non-destructive geophysical methods, mapping and modeling methods associated with Digital Soil Mapping with key soil scientific and geostatistical methods were combined to find site-specific and regional matches between soil properties and measured soil quantities.

Further impacts are mentioned below:

  • Improvement of some existing geophysical sensing technologies, their validation, exportation, and related data processing tools (for improved measurement precision during application in soil mapping)
  • Establishment of a voluntary standard for EMI with help of a CEN Workshop (CWA 16373)
  • Development of a Field PC for precise repositioning of measurements
  • Validation of emerging techniques (acoustics/seismic waves, visble and near infrared spectroscopy (VNIRS) and spectral induced polarization (SIP)
  • VNIRS spectrometer has been sucessfully installed on a mobile platform which enables measurement of large areas
  • Development of novel site specific Geophysical Pedotransfer Functions
  • With help of these GPTFs relate the physical parameters mapped to soil parameters
  • Hierarchical approach for data collection, validation and implementation to improve cost factor
  • Application of landscape segmentation to map large areas
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Important Information

Project ended in November 2011

CWA 16373 "Best Practice Approach for electromagnetic induction measurements of the near surface" is published and available at CEN or DIN Berlin

iSOIL data are available at

iSOIL is a member of the SOIL TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER of Research Projects funded by the EC

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