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Stakeholder seminar Retzhof (May 10, 2011 in Styria, Austria)

Impressions of Stakeholder meeting in Retzhof (Foto:JR)

In the framework of some research application projects on groundwater protection measures in the “Murtal” – aquifer the Styrian Government in cooperation with JOANNEUM RESEARCH and the EU-projects iSOIL and GENESIS organized a stakeholder seminar at Retzhof, close to Leibnitz in southern Styria. The main intention of the seminar was to inform politicians, representatives of the Austrian and Styrian administration, the chamber of agriculture and regional water suppliers about new developments to derive groundwater protection measures.

43 participants used the possibility to learn about and to discuss

  • measures to solve the nitrate problem in the groundwater system of the Murtal – aquifer
  • the use of numerical modelling as decision support tools
  • model application in the groundwater system of the Murtal aquifer
  • monitoring systems and measures done by the water suppliers to save groundwater quality for the use as a drinking water resource.

The presentations summarized the experience with the use of monitoring data (groundwater quality), the application of numerical models for the unsaturated zone, groundwater modelling and the use of erosion modelling to support the decision making process to implement groundwater protection measures.
As results of the iSOIL – project the combination of geophysical measurements and field methods for the investigation of the thickness of the soil layer above the gravelly valley fill led to a better understanding of the results of numerical modelling of water flow and nitrate transport in the unsaturated soil of the agricultural test field in Wagna done in the framework of the GENESIS – project. Soil erosion by water is a great problem in the south eastern Styrian region. Erosion modelling is a very important tool to derive measures against erosion, but it has been shown, that the uncertainty depending on the deficient knowledge of different parameters (soil, precipitation, land use…) might be very high.

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Project ended in November 2011

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