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3. iSOIL Meeting (September 14-16, 2010)

Impressions of the Excursion during 3rd iSOIL meeting (Foto: UFZ-MET)

The 3rd meeting took place from September 14-16, 2010 in Leipzig. There were 42 participants at the meeting. All partners (except CEN and CRI in agreement with coordination team) and three members of the advisory board (two members were apologized) joined the meeting. All WP leaders presented their work over the last months with major results, gave a short summary of planned activities and a short overview with recent publications. There were constructive and fruitful discussions in small groups on special topics such as the outline of the handbook, dissemination activities, work at the Fuhrberger Feld and models in iSOIL. The meeting helped to improve the communication between the partners and offered the possibility of discuss open points.

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Project ended in November 2011

CWA 16373 "Best Practice Approach for electromagnetic induction measurements of the near surface" is published and available at CEN or DIN Berlin

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