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CEN Workshop: Best Practice Approach for electromagnetic induction measurements of the near surface

EM Messungen mit verschiedenen Geräten

Our CEN workshop of the European Committee for Standardisation is a very important initiative to bring together manufactures, stakeholder, researchers and end-users. Geophysical techniques are currently applied today in numerous areas and by a wide range of different parties from various research disciplines. However, not all users are aware of the limitations and restrictions of the specific geophysical methods. This can subsequently lead to misinterpretation and misinformation occurring. Data reproducibility for single geophysical methods is an important prerequisite that can enable common interpretation of results obtained using different methods to take place. As such, standardised procedures need to be introduced for geophysical techniques. Our CEN workshop focuses on one geophysical technique, the electromagnetic induction measurement (EMI) method. The CEN document not only outlines a ‘best practice’ approach (in terms of preparation, calibration, measurement, data management and data interpretation) but also acts as guide for preparation and field site protocol, complete with examples. We experienced a widespread recognition and therefore standardized approaches might be developed for other geophysical methods as well. DIN Berlin was contacted and a meeting to explain the idea and concept of the proposed CEN Workshop took place.

DIN Berlin took over the responsibility of the secretary and a good collaboration was established. The kick-off meeting and technical meeting of the CEN Workshop took place in June 2010 in Leipzig. There are 40 participants from various institutes, organisations, universities and SMEs in Europe as well as Japan, Canada and the USA. It should be highlighted that almost all manufactures for EMI devices signed for membership.

By now the CWA 16373 is published and available to buy at CEN or DIN Berlin. If the resulting CWA document gains recognition, standardized approached for other geophysical methods will be proposed.

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Important Information

Project ended in November 2011

CWA 16373 "Best Practice Approach for electromagnetic induction measurements of the near surface" is published and available at CEN or DIN Berlin

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