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Dissemination of results

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  • Dissemination of results of iSOIL
  • Communication of current progress (techniques and methodology)
  • Feedback from policy-makers, regulators and end users
  • Publications

The transfer of knowledge, technologies, results and instruments is one of the key objectives of the iSOIL project. iSOIL used different means of dissemination, which include amongst others the public website ( launched on April 4, 2008, project flyers distributed at different occasions/events, an exhibition booth from SME project partners at national and international meetings or conferences, 66 oral presentations and 21 poster presentations at several national and international conferences, organisation of 6 special sessions at international conferences (CONSOIL 2008, CONSOIL 2010, EGU 2010, EGU 2011, EGU 2012, AGU 2011) and 6 thematic workshops for stakeholders, policy makers and experts in different countries (Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic), 22 publications in scientific journals and 10 submitted, press releases, 2 telecasts were the project was introduced, preparing a handbook “Methods and Technologies for Mapping of Soil Properties, Function and Threat” for stakeholders, which should be submitted to the publisher by the end of 2012 and organizing a field course on soil sampling. Apart from the previously mentioned common means of dissemination, it should be noted that iSOIL initiated a CEN Workshop of the European Committee for Standardization and that great efforts were made to introduce standardization into geophysical measurements at different international conferences (EGU 2010, WCSS 2010, CONSOIL 2010) and other meetings (SABE, DIN meeting). The iSOIL consortium (together with our scientific coordinator) took a leading role in creating the Soil Technology Research cluster, a coalition of research projects funded by the European Commission and established its website.

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Important Information

Project ended in November 2011

CWA 16373 "Best Practice Approach for electromagnetic induction measurements of the near surface" is published and available at CEN or DIN Berlin

iSOIL data are available at

iSOIL is a member of the SOIL TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER of Research Projects funded by the EC

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