Research for the Environment


  • Molecular Approaches and MetaGenomic Investigations for optimizing Clean-up of PAH contaminated sites MAGICPAH
  • Environmental Technologies for Contaminated Solids, Soils and Sediments ETECOS³ (engl.)
  • ECO24-UFZ (engl.): Computer based prediction of the formation of Non-Extractable Residues (NER) of xenobiotics and their metabolites in soils and sediments with regard to their environmental hazard
  • Integrating bio-treated wastewater reuse and valorization with enhanced water use efficiency to support the Green Economy in Europe and India Water4Crops (engl.)

DFG-Joint Research Programm

  • SPP 1315 - Biogeochemical Interfaces in Soil: Dynamic (redox) interfaces in soil - Carbon turnover in microbial food webs and impact on soil organic matter (DynaCARB) DynaCARB
  • SPP 1090 - Soil as a source and sink of Carbondioxid-Contribution of microbial biomass to the formation of refractory soil organic matter BioREFRAK (German)

DFG-Research Group


  • RAME: "Plant based technologies" within Research Association Mining and Environment

Finished Projects

  • Microorganism and enzyme Immobilization: NOvel Techniques and Approaches for Upgraded Remediation of Underground-, wastewater and Soil MINOTAURUS
  • DynaCAR
  • BACSIN, Bacterial abiotic cellular stress and survival improvement. (FP7, ENV 2007) BACSIN
  • Model driven Soil Probing, Site Assessment and Evaluation. (FP 7, ENV 2007) MODELPROBE
  • Isotope tools for combined investigation of structure and function in microbial communities (MARIE CURIE ACTIONS) ISOTONIC (TOK)
  • Environmental Technologies for Contaminated Solids, Soils and Sediments ETeCoS3
  • Risk Assessment and Environmental Safety Affected by Compound Bioavailability in Multiphase Environments RAISEBIO
  • Assessment of in situ Transformation of Xenobiotic Organic Material AXIOM
  • BIOISOTOP - Monitoring natural attenuation applying stable isotope and molecular biological techniques (MARIE CURIE HOST FELLOWSHIP)
  • Peri-Urban mangrove Forest Filters for Domestic Sewage PUMPSEA (INCO)
  • Biological procedures for diagnosing the status and predicting evolution of polluted environments BIOTOOL (STREP)
  • Strategies to accelerate the productive biodegradation of several herbicides under environmental stress conditions HERBICBIOREM (STREP)
  • Bacterial adaptation to toxic solvents allowing a broader performance of biotransformations of organic compounds in two-phase fermentation systems BARTOLO (STREP)


Dr. Peter Kuschk

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) grieves for its long-serving staff scientist

Dr. Peter Kuschk,

who passed away unexpectedly on 14 October 2014.



UFZ research themes

Controlling Chemicals’ Fate

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Graduate School HIGRADE

The new "Helmholtz Interdisciplinary GRADuate School for Environmental Research (HIGRADE)" is fostered by the Helmholtz Initiative and Networking Fund and will start in October 2007.

Project handbook published

"Model-driven soil probing, site assessment and evaluation - Guidance on Technologies"

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