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Department of Hydrogeology

Department photo, Oct. 2014. L-R: M Neubauer, G Laube, T Keller, C Schmidt, N Trauth, J Munkelt, J Fleckenstein, M Oosterwoud, T Brandt, N Mahmood, M Göhler, A Musolff, M Kurz, & U Maier

Department Head:

PD Dr. Jan Fleckenstein

Office Leipzig:

Jessica Munkelt
Tel.: (0341) 235 1253
Permoserstraße 15
04318 Leipzig

At the Department of Hydrogeology we study groundwater dynamics, pollutant transport in groundwater and natural attenuation processes that may reduce pollutant loads. We consider the entire flow paths from infiltration to the interaction of groundwater with streams and lakes. We specifically conduct research on stream-groundwater interactions (hyporheic exchange) on urban hydrogeology with a focus of fluxes of micro-pollutants. We develop concepts for catchment scale travel times and solute transport. Our research builds on field experiments and monitoring, as well as on advanced data analysis and numerical modelling techniques. 

Our research themes:

  Surface water-Groundwater Interactions

  Catchment-Scale Solute Fluxes

  New Concepts, Methods & Models

Our publications:

  By year & theme


EGU 2015, Vienna Austria.

Abstracts:  Musolff Neubauer Oosterwoud Schmidt Trauth

HydroEco 2015, Vienna Austria.
Conference website


AGU 2014 Fall Meeting,
San Francisco USA.
Abstracts: Kurz, Laube, Müller, Musolff, Newcomer/Maier

2014 AGU Chapman Conference on Catchment Spatial Organization and Complex Behavior, Luxembourg City, LU. Website
Abstracts: Fleckenstein, Neubauer

International Workshop on Temporal High Resolution Water Quality Monitoring & Analysis, Magdeburg, DE.
Workshop website

Newest Publications

Kurz et al. 2015 Diffusion and seepage-driven element fluxes from the hyporheic zone of a karst river, FwS. Abstract

Trauth et al. 2014 Hyporheic transport and biogeochemical reactions in pool-riffle systems under varying ambient groundwater flow conditions, JGR. Abstract

Schmidt et al. 2014 A method for automated, daily, temperature-based vertical streambed water-fluxes, F&AL. Abstract

Krause et al. 2014 Understanding process dynamics at aquifer-surface water interfaces: An introduction to the special section on new modeling approaches and novel experimental technologies, WRR. Abstract

Frei & Fleckenstein 2014 Representing effects of micro-topography on runoff generation and sub-surface flow patterns by using superficial rill/depression storage height variations, EMS. Abstract

HDG Seminar

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