Research for the Environment

Department of Soil Physics

Boden als Landschaftselement

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Vogel

Tel.: (0345) 558-5403
Fax: (0345) 558-5559

06120 Halle

In the Department of Soil Physics we explore soil functions related to the regional cycling of water and matter. We consider soil as medium for plant growth, as filter for groundwater, as habitat for organisms and as storage for water and carbon. These functions emerge from a multitude of biological, chemical and physical processes. Our research is focused on the soils' physical structure and how it interacts with biological processes and with water, matter and energy fluxes.

Soil functions are site-specific and thus, depend on the local processes of soil formation and local land use. We consider soils as part of landscapes. At this scale we investigate water, matter and energy fluxes from soils toward the neighboring compartments (atmosphere, groundwater, surface waters) based on the spatial distribution of functional soil types. We explore this distribution in cooperation with other departments at UFZ using geophysical tools and remote sensing.