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Research Strucure
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Where is water scarce?

To answer this question we are developing a global hydrological model to simulate the availability of surface water and upcoming droughts.


Dr. Luis Samaniego
Department Computational Hydrosystems

Global model mHM (Image rights: CHS)

How are water resources distributed?

At regional scale we are analysing how scarce water resources are distributed between surface flows and aquifers and how they are used.


Prof. Dr. Ralf Merz
Department Catchment Hydrology

Prof. Dr. Peter Dietrich
Department Monitoring- und Exploration Technologies
Monitoring and Modeling (Image rights: CATHYD; A. Künzelmann)

Where exactly should water resources be protected?

We determine the quality as well as the origin of water by means of chemical monitoring techniques to indentify sensitive flow paths.


Dr. Christian Siebert
Department Catchment Hydrology

Chemical Monitoring
Chemical monitoring (Image rights: CATHYD, C. Siebert, A. Künzelmann)

How to protect scarce water resources?

In order to ensure effective water resource protection, we create locally adapted concepts and technologies for waste water treatment.


Prof. Dr. Roland Müller
Department Environmental and Biotechnology Centre

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Reemtsma
Department of Analytical Chemistry
Waste water treatment technologies (Image rights: UBZ, A. Künzelmann)