Daniela D. C. Dick

PhD student

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH - UFZ
Department of Conservation Biology
Permoserstraße 15
04318 Leipzig

Fax:+ 49 341 235 451270


Daniela Dick


Doctoral thesis              


Formulation of landscaping guidelines for the conservation of highly threatened amphibian species

Prof. Dr. K. Henle, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig;
Prof. Dr. M. Schlegel, University of Leipzig
Project description

Research interests

Conservation biology research, freshwater and floodplain ecology, ecology of temporary wetlands, multifunctional landscapes, science policy, environmental education

Research expertises

Data collection

  • Survey and scientific classification of amphibians, reptiles, insects, and plants
  • Radio-telemetric investigation of snakes

Data analysis

  • Statistical data analysis with the program R
  • Agent based modelling with the program NetLogo
  • Genetic analysis (microsatellites)
  • Basic knowledge in the programs MARK and GIS


  • Dick, D.D.C., Dormann, C.F., Henle, K. (2017): Environmental determinants and temporal variation of amphibian habitat use in a temperate floodplain. – Herpetological Journal 27: 161-171.
  • Dick, D.D.C., Ayllón, D. (2017): FloMan-MF: Floodplain Management for the Moor Frog – a simulation model for amphibian conservation in dynamic wetlands. – Ecological Modeling 348: 110-124, doi: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2017.01.01
  • Schulte, U, Geiger, A., Podloucky, R., Alfermann, A., Dick, D.D.C. (2013): Das F & E Projekt: Vorbereitung der Roten Listen 2020 der Amphibien und Reptilien Deutschlands – Aufbau einer bundesweiten Datenbank. - Zeitschrift für Feldherpetologie, 20: 132.
  • Henle, K., Dick, D.D.C., Harpke, A., Kühn, I., Schweiger, O., et al. (2010): Climate change impacts on European amphibians and reptiles. Biodiversity and climate change: Reports and guidance developed under the Bern Convention Volume 1 Nature and environment, No 156. Strasbourg Codex: Council of Europe Publishing. pp. 225–306.
  • Dick, D.D.C. (2010): Erfassung von Laichplätzen einheimischer Froschlurcharten der Flussaue der oberen Mittelelbe. elaphe 2-2010.
  • Dick, D.D.C. (2008): Populationsbiologische Untersuchungen der Schlingnatter (Coronella austriaca) im Hessischen Spessart bei Bad Orb. elaphe, 16 (4): 48-52.   

Oral presentations

  • Dick, D.D.C. (2015): Patterns of Amphibian Community Organisation in Central European Floodplains, Annual meeting of the Societas Europaea Herpetologica (SEH), 7.-11. September in Wroclaw, Poland
  • Dick, D.D.C. (2012): Combining amphibian conservation and flood protection: Simulation models as tools for improving amphibian habitats in restored floodplains, 3rd European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB), ‘Conservation on the Edge’, 28 August - 01 September in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • Dick, D.D.C. (2012): Flood protection through humans causes happy frogs! How to optimize amphibian habitats in restored floodplains, HIGRADE Spring Conference, 26th March in Leipzig, Germany
  • Dick, D.D.C. (2011): Spawning site selection of anurans in a dynamic floodplain, SEH European Congress of Herpetology & DGHT Deutscher Herpetologentag, 25. - 29. September in Luxemburg, Luxemburg/Trier, Germany
  • Dick, D.D.C. (2010): Amphibien in den Auen der Mittleren Elbe in Sachsen-Anhalt Ein dynamischer Lebensraum geprägt durch temporäre Kleinstgewässer, 46. DGHT-annual meeting & Deutscher Herpetologentag, 2. - 5. September in Frankfurt (M), Germany
  • Dick, D.D.C. (2008): Populationsbiologische Untersuchung der Schlingnatter (Coronella austriaca) im hessischen Spessart bei Bad Orb, 44. DGHT-annual meeting & Deutscher Herpetologentag, 3. - 7. September in Potsdam, Germany    

Awards, grants and fellowships

  • PhD scholarship, 2009-2012 (German federal environmental foundation, DBU)
  • Hans-Schiemenz grant, 2009 (German society of herpetology and herpetoculture, DGHT)
  • Hans-Schiemenz grant, 2008 (German society of herpetology and herpetoculture, DGHT)
  • Chimaira prize for young herpetologists, 2008

Scientific education                

2009-2017 PhD student, Helmholtz-Centre for environmental research – UFZ , Leipzig,
Germany/University of Leipzig, Germany
2004-2008 Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany (Biology)
2002-2004 Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen, Germany (Biology)


Institutions and Departments   

Helmholtz-Centre for environmental research - UFZ, Leipzig, Germany 

Dep. Ecological Modeling Research assistant 2016-2017
Dep. Conservation Biology PhD student, guest scientist, research assistant 2009-2016
Dep. of Soil Ecology Research assistant 2013, 2 months
Dep. Computational Landscape Ecology Research assistant 2009, 1 month

Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt/M., Germany                                 

Dep. River Ecology and Conservation Diploma thesis 2007, 6 months
Dep. Herpetology Internship 2006, 2 months