ESI – Essential Science Indicators

Essential Science Indicators is a database published by ISI Thomson where citations are analysed and institutions, scientists, countries and journals can be compared. The dates of the last 11 years are analysed in a rolling procedure. The dates are updated every two month. Counted are articles, reviews, proceeding paper and research notes. Not counted areletters and editorial material.

Only the first percent of all institutions and scientists and the first 50% of all countries and journals are "listed" in ESI. The values are calculated based on the citations.

ESI also contains "most cited articles". That is the first percent of the publications of one year in one subject that was most cited.

UFZ in the Essential Science Indicators

In April 2006 the UFZ reached the first percent in Environment/Ecology. Now we are ranked in Plant & Animal Science, Chemistry, Social Sciences and Engineering.

see the german site for the table of rankings