Hochschule Landshut

Mailinglist and Buddy Programme

If you want to be informed about our activities and events, you can enlist in the form below. We organize monthly events for international employees and guests at UFZ. German UFZ employees are welcome to participate in these activities, too!

As we try to establish a buddy programme, we are looking for people who wants to be a buddy for international UFZ-newcomers. The International Office provides you with all information and checklists to support your foreigner during the first time at UFZ and in Germany. It has a mutual profit for both sides: You can get to know new people coming from different cultures and you have the nice feeling to support someone during the difficult starting period in an unknown country. The newcomer will profit from the nice experience to have a contact person for the first time at UFZ who tries to facilitate the working start and integration at UFZ and in Germany.

Furthermore we try to organize language tandems to improve the communication and to use the advantage of such a variety of languages at UFZ. Enrolment posibilities you find also in this form.

We are happy about your participation!

The form was only in use during in the period from 27.04.2015 to 31.12.2017!