Work package 1 - Governance research and scenario development

The main objective of this WP is to analyse policy instruments related to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services (ESS) governance. Second, regional scale framework scenarios until 2050 are being developed focusing on current and potential future policies, drivers and uncertainties, which may influence land-management strategies, land use and consequently the provision of ESS in the context of land sparing versus land sharing. We use the term "framework scenarios" to emphasise their role to serve as a framework of boundary conditions at regional/federal state - landscape - local/plot scale at which much of the research is carried out in this IP.

Structure of WP 1 Visualizing the conceptual approach of WP 1

Main research questions

  • How do EU level policies (e. g. Common Agricultural Policy from 2014 onwards) affect national level policy and how does the national level (e. g. national bioenergy policies) impact on the regional or landscape level?
  • How is the governance of biodiversity and ESS currently characterised?
  • How do different regulatory frameworks influence each other taking into account other drivers of ecosystem change such as markets and potential conflicts and power relations at, and between, certain levels of decision-making?
  • How do different scenarios, reflecting alternative governance measures and regional land management preferences, affect land-use pattern and ecosystem services?
  • Can combinations of governance and land management strategies be identified leading to preferred sets of environmental conditions and ecosystem services?
  • What are the suitable instruments to reach a favourable conservation status of biodiversity as well as maintain and enhance the provision of ecosystem services?
  • How could citizens participate more effectively in land use decision making?


Dr. Jörg Priess
Department of Computational Landscape Ecology
UFZ Leipzig
Dr. Jörg Priess