Nina Becker

Scientific Manager
Spatial Interaction Ecology


Department of Community Ecology

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ/
German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig

Deutscher Platz 5e, D-04103 Leipzig, Germany

Tel: +49 341 97 33159
Fax: +49 341 97 39350

Nina Becker

Curriculum Vitae



11/2010 - 08/2013

Research fellow at the Department of Economics of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research − UFZ, Leipzig, Germany

09/2009 - 10/2010

Junior Officer 'Sustainability and Environment' at AgroFair Benelux B.V., Barendrecht, The Netherlands

09/2008 - 10/2008
01/2008 - 04/2008

M.Sc. thesis preparation and data collection at Instituto de Investigación y Servicios Forestales (INISEFOR), Universidad Nacional Heredia, Costa Rica

07/2008 - 08/2008

Case study in Costa Rica for the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI), The Netherlands

09/2007 - 12/2007

Practical training at Centro Internacional de Política Económica para el Desarrollo Sostenible (CINPE),
Universidad Nacional Heredia, Costa Rica

09/2006 - 08/2009

M.Sc. International Development Studies with specialization in Economics of Rural Development at Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands

01/2006 - 04/2006

Practical training at Berlitz Deutschland GmbH, Leipzig, Germany

10/2005 - 12/2005

Practical training at Germanwatch e.V. − Department of Climate Protection and Adaptation to Climate Change, Bonn, Germany

09/2002 - 10/2005

B.A. European Economic Studies at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Germany and Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Completed Projects