Nora Eigenwill
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Sindy Bleiholder
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NovCare 2017, June 6-9, 2017, Dresden/Germany; NovCare 2017

New Publications

Vienken, T., Huber, E., Kreck, M., Huggenberger, P., Dietrich, P., (2017): How to chase a tracer – combining conventional salt tracer testing and direct push electrical conductivity profiling for enhanced aquifer characterization, Adv. Water Resour. 99 , 60 – 66

Wollschläger, U., Attinger, S., Borchardt, D., Brauns, M., Cuntz, M., Dietrich, P., Fleckenstein, J.H., Friese, K., Friesen, J., Harpke, A., Hildebrandt, A., Jäckel, G., Kamjunke, N., Knöller, K., Kögler, S., Kolditz, O., Krieg, R., Kumar, R., Lausch, A., Liess, M., Marx, A., Merz, R., Mueller, C., Musolff, A., Norf, H., Oswald, S.E., Rebmann, C., Reinstorf, F., Rode, M., Rink, K., Rinke, K., Samaniego, L., Vieweg, M., Vogel, H.-J., Weitere, M., Werban, U., Zink, M., Zacharias, S., (2017): The Bode hydrological observatory: a platform for integrated, interdisciplinary hydro-ecological research within the TERENO Harz/Central German Lowland Observatory, Environ. Earth Sci. 76 , art. 29

New Projects

SIMULTAN - Sinkhole instability: integrated multi-scale monitoring and analysis (2015-2018, BMBF Geotechnologien)

Meetings / Conferences

77. Annual Meeting of the German Geophysical Society; March 27-30, 2017; Potsdam, Website

NovCare 2017, June 6-9, 2017, Dresden/Germany, Website