Listed below are courses provided by staff from Environmental Informatics at various institutions.

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"Geo-Fluid Modeling"

see Junior-Prof. Shao's webpage for more information

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Postgraduate Lecture at the School of Engineering: "Continuum Mechanics of Solids and Porous Media for Applications in Energy, Geotechnics and Bioengineering"

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OpenGeoSys Tutorial Series:

  • Computational Hydrology I: Groundwater flow modeling
  • Geothermal Energy I: Heat transport processes in fractured porous media (in press)
  • Geothermal Energy II: Shallow geothermal systems (under development)
  • Geothermal Energy III: Enhanced geothermal systems (under development)
  • Computational Geotechnics: Storage of energy carriers (under development)
  • Models of Thermochemical Heat Storage (under development)

Other Higrade-Courses:

  • Tools for Collaborative Writing (Lars Bilke, yearly in October)