IT Department

As the central IT-Department, the scientific and commercial data processing unit (WKDV) supports research and administration at the UFZ.

The services provided range from central tasks such as operating the data network, providing basic services, user administration, operating all servers for science and administration as well as providing IT-work stations, user support and training.

In the UFZ’s computer centre in Leipzig all of the necessary IT-services for scientists’ workplaces are provided. Broadband lines to the Bad Lauchstädt, Halle and Magdeburg sites enable the remote use of the computer centre in Leipzig.

The diversity of the IT-services provided is covered by five specialized IT teams:

It is the task of the EPS group (End Point Service) to provide end point service for all end-user devices such as computers, laptops, terminals, printers and communications technology. Virtual computers, Windows desktops for terminals and terminal servers are also served by the group.

Head: Ben Langenberg

The KIT group (commercial IT) is responsible for the maintenance of all commercial IT applications, their networks with each other and with other systems of the UFZ. We support users with the implementation of SAP, document management and electronic time recording.

Head: André Greßler

The CSS group (Communication Standard Services) supervises IT communication and the standard services available to all UFZ users. The scope of functions covers the entire network technology on all sites down to the last individual network socket. In the network field it also covers WLAN access, VPN access as well as firewall maintenance.

The area of responsibility of Unified Communication is closely related to this and includes telephony through voice over IP, fax and video conferences. 

The standard services: internet, e-mail, calendar, cloud, terminal server, network drives made available for user access and group access, VMware-farms and other services all belong to the services that are provided.

Head: Kai Morlock

The area of responsibility of the SESI group (Software Development and Software Integration) are software solutions tailored to the needs of the UFZ.

Part of the group is responsible for the support, maintenance and development of the in-house Content Management System. This serves the administration as well as the web presence of the UFZ and is the central platform for web applications in the Intranet. 

Furthermore, the group facilitates interfaces between the various systems of the UFZ (e.g. SAP, DMS, POF, LDAP) for the automation of processes through data exchange. 

In addition we train IT specialists for the development of software applications and support undergraduates during their Bachelor degree program in computer science as a training partner. There is a special focus here on the topics: computer programming, databases, web technologies as well as software development projects.

Head: Martin Sand

The WRWD group (Scientific Computing and Data Management) provides resources for the efficient modelling and simulation of complex ecosystems as well as systems for the temporary and long-term storage of results.

With the services that we provide we adopt a holistic approach: from scientific data storage in the form of relational databases, systems for new versions of source-code projects, the archiving of mass data to high-performance storage systems, from high-performance PCs in the computing centre, a grid of modeling servers to the computation of complex multidimensional problems on computing cluster systems.

Head: Thomas Schnicke