DEVELOP - HR Development and Organisational Development

The UFZ conducts integrative and indisciplinary environmental research to demonstrate ways in which a sustainable use of our natural resource base is possible for the benefit of both mankind and the environment. To address this aim, we need creative, highly motivated and optimally qualified employees.

The staff unit DEVELOP supports this aim by providing training and consultation for personal and professional development, in addition facilitating the development of UFZ organisational culture.

The UFZ graduate school HIGRADE provides a framework for networking and training for doctoral researchers as well as various opportunities for funding and support.


Dr. Jula Zimmermann

Dr. Claudia Dislich (parental leave) / Dr. Ewa Koper
PhD support, reporting and certificates (graduate school HIGRADE)
phone: +49 341 235-1856 /

Conny Fröhlich
Further training and concept development
phone: +49 341 235 4752 /

Dr. Gerhard Hartmuth
Facilitation and conflict management
phone: +49 341 235 1333 /

Dr. Iris Köhler
Cooperations and curriculum (graduate school HIGRADE)
phone: +49 341 235 1856 /

Josephine Mitze
Organisation of further training and events
phone: +49 341 235 4652 /

Verena Schaller
Organisation of further training and events (graduate school HIGRADE)
phone: +49 341 235 1843 /

Dr. Mick Wu
Statistics teaching and consultation
phone: +49 341 235 1030 /