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Jobs and PhDs

Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig MSc thesis research project - Biotransformation of diclofenac
MSc thesis research topic for students (m/f) enrolled in a university programme interested to work on the enrichment of microorganisms capable of biotransformation of pharmaceuticals and the characterisation of degradation
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Postdoc Position in Ecology/Biodiversity
For research within the DFG project "The Jena Experiment" with focus on species coexistence mechanisms as a basis for biodiversity maintenance and ecosystem functioning, we are offering the position of a postdoc in ecology/biodiversity.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Masterthesis (m/f)
The term biofilm refers to cellular communities embedded in self-produced extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) attaching to surfaces. Compared to planktonic cells, microbial biofilms are characterized by self-immobilization, continuous regeneration, an increased tolerance to toxic compounds and a potential long-term stability for continuous biotechnological processes.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f) Theme: Resilience provisioning of biodiversity across environmental gradients
In this project we want to address the complex relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem function (BEF) and develop a mechanistic understanding of the resilience of ecosystems in response to global change drivers. Assembled microbial model systems that include multiple trophic levels with quantifiable physiological and functional traits are excellent tools to rigorously test the hypothesized assumptions and mechanisms that underlie the current state of the art of BEF relationships.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f) Theme: Impact of microorganisms’ intra-population heterogeneity on chemical degradation
The metabolic heterogeneity of both pure microbial cultures and environmental populations in biodegradation of chemicals is currently unknown. Also the factors that trigger, influence and control the metabolic heterogeneity have not been identified so far. In the current project we expect to evaluate the factors controlling the metabolic heterogeneity of model species under controlled laboratory conditions. Furthermore, the project will analyze potential metabolic heterogeneity of monoclonal microbial populations in the environment and link it to the microorganisms’ ecophysiology.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD-Position (m/f) Theme: A parsimonious model for DOC and solute exports from temperate catchments
Increasing DOC and solute exports from catchments can negatively affect drinking water supplies and the integrity of downstream aquatic and marine ecosystems. This PhD project will develop generic tools, which will help to explain and project trends in DOC and solute exports to alleviate negative effects on humans and the environment.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f) Theme: Spatial imaging of chemicals in zebrafish embryos
This PhD project aims at investigating spatial and time-related processes of chemical uptake in the zebrafish embryo model which are important for an understanding of chemical effects. It bridges aspects of analytical chemistry, ecotoxicology, and mathematical modelling making use of the outstanding infrastructure offered by the UFZ.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f) Theme: Assessing biofilm-mediated functions in aquatic ecosystems
Highly motivated PhD candidate for the development of a biofilm-related functional approach for water quality assessment. Traditional functional approaches in stream ecology will be completed by biochemical/molecular-biological functional parameters (metabolomics, metagenomics).
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f) Theme: Contaminants, bacterial metabolism and immune cells
Recently, a new group of specialized immune cells has been discovered: the mucosal-associated invariant T cells (MAIT) which are activated by bacterial metabolites. We aim to analyze how environmental contaminants alter the bacterial metabolism and thereby influence the function of MAIT cells explaining the implication of these cells in chronic inflammatory diseases.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f) Theme: Model verification with CRNS proximal sensing in semi-arid regions
Prediction of evapotranspiration losses and available water storage in semi-arid regions is one of the grand challenges in hydrology. Further research is key to better monitor and forecast droughts and water stress in affected regions around the world. Seamless modeling techniques and state of the art monitoring techniques may allow improving the status quo. Joint the CHS-MET group to achieve this goal!
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f) Theme: Plant productivity from hyperspectral remote sensing at landscape scale
The aim of the project is to estimate plant productivity at landscape scale from remotely sensed hyperspectral profiles. The project will establish an ecosystem model that calculates radiative transfer in canopies for the whole sun spectrum, includes calculations of plant productivity and chlorophyll fluorescence simultaneously, and will be calibrated against plant productivity observations from the TERENO network.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Postdoctoral Scientist (m/f)
Development of new approaches for the evaluation of extensive MS data from environmental non-target analysis and the linking of chemical and effect patterns.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position (m/f)
The PhD projects aims at the quantification of microplastic particles in urban water cycles. Analytical methods for the detection of these particles will be developed and applied.