Research for the Environment


Dipl.-Lök. Jenny Schmidt 

PhD candidate

Division of Social Sciences
Department of Environmental Politics
Working group Nature Conservation & Biodiversity
Working group Landscape Ecology / Ecological Planning, University of Muenster

Helmholtz Centre
for Environmental Research − UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Tel.: ++49 - 341 - 235 1406
Fax: ++49 - 341 - 235 45 1406

Jenny Schmidt

Research Interests

  • Green infrastructure, biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, environmental planning
  • Land-use conflicts and participatory methods
  • European and German environmental and agricultural politics
  • Science communication, transfer and ethics

Curriculum Vitae

since 2013

PhD candidate, Department of Environmental Politics, UFZ

2008 - 2012

Arvato direct services GmbH, Muenster, customer service, coaching and quality management

2003 - 2004,
2005 - 2006

Research in South Africa

2000 - 2012

Studies of landscape ecology, political science and social geography at the University of Muenster

Current Project

European Conservation for the 21st century (BiodivERsA): WP 6: Socio-political scenarios for the local implementation of landscape conservation

In our sub-project „Green Infrastructure – creating habitats with agriculture“ we study implementation options of the EU-strategy for Green Infrastructure. We cooperate with local land-users and regional stakeholders and conduct a policy analysis.


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Schmidt, J.A. & Buttschardt, T.K. (2011): Addressing the information needs of small-scale rooibos farmers in rural South Africa can help to combat desertification and improve livelihoods. In: Runge, J. & Becker, E. (Ed.): Afrika 2010 – Natürliche Ressourcen und nachhaltige (?) Entwicklung. Jahrestagung der Afrikagruppe deutscher Geowissenschaftler (AdG) 2010 in Frankfurt. Zentralblatt für Geologie und Paläontologie, 1, 2009 (1/2), 39-52.

New Publications of the Department

Albert, C., Aronson, J., Fürst, C., Opdam, P. (2014): Integrating ecosystem services in landscape planning – requirements, approaches, and impacts. Landscape Ecology 29, 1277-1285.

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