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Water: A special issue (June 2011)

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Wether it is shortages, flooding, contamination, overuse or poor management - water poses a challenge for politicians, economists and scientists alike. The UFZ is able to contribute to the sustainable management of water resources by implementing its expertise in the field of interdisciplinary water research.


  • Preamble from the Scientific Managing Director of the UFZ
  • What modern water research needs to cover

Monitoring, exploring, understanding and modelling water

  • Environmental Observations through TERENO
  • Subsurface characterization becomes more efficient
  • Point of view: Are toxic chemicals in our water bodies a thing of the past?
  • Water and matter fluxes
  • Interview: Leading water researchers collaborate
  • Investigating droughts
  • A 3D view below the ground
  • SARISK makes floods predictable
  • The water cycle

Managing water resources

  • Innovative solutions for contaminated groundwater
  • Smart solutions for wastewater use
  • Farewall nomad life
  • Accurately estimating groundwater recharge
  • The floodplain doesn´t forgive and forget
  • Interview: There is no time for endless discussions
  • Point of view: Keep and develop water use charges!
  • Cooperating for "good waters"
  • Point of view: Ten years implementation of the WFD - a critical review

The special issue can be downloaded as PDF.

UFZ Special June 2011 (7,8 MB)


Public relations

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