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Rapid rise in wildfires in large parts of Canada?
Ecologists show for the first time threshold values for natural wildfires

Economy and Ecology: Reconciling economic development and the conservation of Europe’s Biodiversity
Special Issue on ALARM Project Explores Europe’s Ecological Futures

Insecticides an increasing problem in future for streams in Europe
Pollution growing particularly in the Baltic Sea region according to study

Pesticides pollute European waterbodies more than previously thought
List of chemicals to be monitored should be updated immediately

Europe and the global food crisis
Press release for World Food Day, 16 October 2011

Distribution Atlas of Butterflies in Europe
A baseline for the conservation of a core element of biodiversity

Productivity of land plants may be greater than previously thought
Researchers recommend the reworking of global carbon models in NATURE

If insurance companies pay out too often, farmers will be threatened with ruin in the long term
First study on the ecological consequences of rain-index insurance

Plants create a water reserve in the soil
Experiments performed at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) reveal that a zone of higher water concentration exists around the roots of a plant

Poor outlook for water quality in Germany
Good quality status of water bodies required in EU by 2015 unlikely to be attained, reveals study

Hydrogen highway in the deep sea
Max Planck Researchers discover hydrogen-powered symbiotic bacteria in deep-sea hydrothermal vent mussels

Chile is more dangerous for Argentina than vice versa
Researchers investigate the spread of invasive plant species in South America and Australia

LEGATO - a major international project on sustainable development of rice ecosystems in Southeast Asia to be launched on 14th June in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Modern EU agriculture jeopardises biodiversity in new member states
Study from Romania highlights the importance of traditional agriculture in protecting amphibians

Evolution in the back yard
Census of 750,000 banded snails leads to surprising results

Untapped potential
Fungi set to be deployed against hazardous chemicals far more often


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