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Working Group Bioenergy Systems Analysis

Arbeitsgruppe Bioenergie Systemanalyse / Department Bioenergie, Helmholtz Zentrum für Umweltforschung UFZ, Quellen (von links oben nach rechts unten: Kuenzelmann, A., Wochele, S., Eichhorn, M., Kuenzelmann, A.)

                The working group Bioenergy Systems Analysis aims to improve the understanding of the interplays of biomass use for bioenergy with environment and society and to identify approaches for the sustainable use of biomass for energetic purposes.

Area of interest is the relation between technological, ecological and socio-economic factors of future land use change due to the energetic use of biomass at several spatial scales.
The focuses of interest are changes of matter flow, ecological characteristics and landscape structure at several spatial scales.

Global and climate change shall be included though, as well, as possible societal answers on these changes, as e.g. innovative technologies for the supply of energy out of biomass and governance approaches for sustainable land use.

Eight closely related research modules should enable a broad/integrated systems analysis of bioenergy, which is new for this field of research. All research projects are closely linked to the systems analysis research fields of the UFZ. 

Moreover, the BENSYS working group is involved in a series of collaboration projects, especially dealing with the subject of Bioeconomy development in Germany and in central Germany as region.

The working group Bioenergy Systems Analysis works on the following research projects:

Project Bioenergy Systems Analysis


Additional projects at  the working group Bioenergy Systems Analysis


Working group Bioenergy Systems Analysis Department Bioenergy
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