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Functional metaproteome of the microbiota

Project description

Recent evidence suggests that the composition of the microbial community in the human gut contributes to the development of obesity by increasing the host’s efficacy to harvest energy. Initial reports indicate that bariatric surgery changes the composition of the microbiota. However, neither the underlying mechanisms nor their consequences for the energy homeostasis have been revealed yet.
The aim of this study in a rat model of diet-induced obesity is to investigate the bariatric postoperative effects on the microbial community. The composition of the microbial diversity shall be analyzed at different time points (1 week, 1 month, 6 months postoperatively) by genetic evaluation. At the same time points the metabolic activity of the microbes shall be assessed by measuring the carbon flux within the microbial community. Similarly, the metabolic interaction between host and microbial community shall be observed by tracing the carbon flux into various tissues including visceral and subcutaneous fat, liver and muscle. The long-term goal of these experiments is to reveal, whether and when alterations of the microbial community may contribute to a beneficial postoperative energy homeostasis and whether differences may be found between the bariatric surgery techniques.


Fig.1 Analysis of the microbiota-proteome and the tissue-proteome using Protein-SIP

Involved researchers


Dr. Manuel Ferrer, CSIC, Institute of Catalysis, Madrid, Spain

Prof. Antonio Suarez, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Centro de Investigación Biomédica, University of Granada, Granada, Spain


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