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Protein stable-isotope probing (Protein-SIP) for functional metaproteomics

Project description

The Protein-SIP technique (SIP = stable isotope probing) was established in cooperation with the Department of Isotope Biogeochemistry to characterise microbial communities. This method allows a concomitant link between genera identification and metabolic activity. Thus, the phylogenic and functional investigations of microbial communities are possible.

1 Differential 13C incorporation by assimilation

Assimilation of heavy stable isotopes into the biomass of various species depends on the turnover and the metabolic activity of the species. The incorporation of stable 13C isotopes from a substrate can be used to pinpoint the metabolically active species within a consortium. The different incorporation levels are indicated by the intensity of blue staining.

2 Reference curves enable quantification

After cell harvesting and protein extraction, samples were tryptically digested and analyzed by mass spectrometry. The isotopologues shifted to a higher mass range due to their incorporation of heavily labeled carbon into the proteins. A higher level of incorporation prooves a higher metabilisation and thereby a primary role in the usage of the labelled subtrate within the food web.
The incorporation of heavy stable isotopes into peptides/proteins can be estimated using the half decimal place rule.

3 Interdependency in food web analysed by carbon flux

Peptides can be used to obtain phylogenetic information, for structural analysis of the consortium, and for physiological information about the actual state of the microbial cells.
Based on this information, C-fluxes and food web structures can be elucidated and may further help to reconstruct the interactions within microbial communities.

Prinicple of Protein-SIP

Fig.1 Principle of Protein-SIP

Involved researchers


  • Carsten Vogt, Petra Bombach, Hans-Hermann Richnow; Dep. Isotopenbiogeochemie
  • Brandon E. Morris, Josef M. Suflita, University of Oklahoma
  • Michael Siegert, Martin Krüger, BGR Hannover
  • Sara Kleindienst, Katrin Knittel, MPI für Marine Mikrobiologie Bremen
  • Sascha Krause, Paul Bodelier; Netherlands Institute of Ecology
  • Michael Pester, University Vienna


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