Research for the Environment

Projects POF II (internal funding)

The department is involved in the research Topic I and VI of the research Programme 4: "Terrestrial Environment - Strategies for a Sustainable Response to Climate and Global Change" of the Helmholtz Association. Further general infomation on the research programme 4 can be obtain best from the official sites:

Research activities of the department focus within Topic I on research for management of land ressources and the sustainable use of landscapes. We support Topic VI by provides the methodological bases in terms of monitoring activities.

Scientists of the department took part in the conceptualization and design of the Topic I research concept, please refer to Seppelt et al. (2009) for further information.

Please find more detailed information on the research projects the department takes part of. Note, some links directly point to the project data base only for internal use in UFZ.

Involvement of the Department in the following Programme-Clusters:

Topic 1: Land Use Options - Strategies and Adaptation to Global Change

Topic 6: Modelling and Monitoring Terrestrial Systems: Methods and Technologies