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Limnophysik, Department Seenforschung, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ

head: Dr. Bertram Boehrer

ph.: +49 391 - 810 9441
fax: +49 391 - 810 9150

Brueckstrasse 3a
D - 39114 Magdeburg

scientific issues


Physical Limnology deals with stratification and tranport processes in lakes. From the expertise with mining lakes, the focus is on transport in highly stratified deep water, as can be found in permanently stratified water bodies such as meromictic lakes.

Observational data of stratification in and the meteorology above several mining lakes in Central Germany and Lusatia have been acquired for periods of several years, documenting the development during flooding of voids or remediation treatment of the lake. Scientific contributions have been published on the long-term prognostibility of meromixis, the interconnection of internal waves, currents and vertical mixing in deep stratified waters, density measurements avoiding or dealing with the problems of chemical stratification, and exchange flows between basins of a structured lake.

Technical support for GIS (global information system), DGPS (differential global positioning system) and mapping facilities, as well as the technical requirements for the data bank of physical, chemical and biological data are provided by the physical limnology.

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publications in press

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Carbon dioxide emissions from dry watercourses
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