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Department Environmental Immunology

Department Environmental Immunology and Core-Facility Studies

Head of the department:
Dr. Irina Lehmann


Foreign Language Assistant (german/english/french)
Alice Teipelke

Tel.: + 49 341 235-1265
Fax: +49 341 235-1787

Permoserstraße 15
04318 Leipzig

Building 6.0

office hours

monday, wednesday, thursday: 10am-3pm

tuesday: 9am-3pm and friday: 10am-2pm

The Department Environmental Immunology investigates the influence of environmental factors on the human immune system. Epidemiological studies are performed to study how immune responses are modulated by environmental pollutants and life style factors. In addition, in vitro models are used to ascertain the causal links between exposure and immunomodulation, and to characterise the basic molecular mechanisms.

Data gained in vivo from epidemiological studies and in vitro from experimental models are used to elucidate allergies and other diseases caused by environmental factors. Interest is focused on pollutants stemming from indoor sources.

Recent publications

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