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We always encourage students to apply for a thesis or an internship and are open for projects that fit to the general topics of this department. If there is no call for a student position of your interest, please contact a scientist or PhD student for further information.

Internship / Thesis: Effects of pesticide mixtures on non-target organisms - Analysis of application patterns

Pesticides affect non-target species often as mixtures due to their applications and pathways, but relevant application patterns of pesticides in agriculture are hardly investigated. Such patterns are crucial for predicting pesticide effects on non-target organisms under field conditions

Motivated students with a background in Biology, Geoecology, Chemistry, Environmental sciences or similar subjects. Basic knowledge in handling and processing large data sets are an advantage. Willingness to work independently and to develop ideas. Proficient knowledge of English

For further information please contact Saskia Knillmann

Internship / Thesis: Linking exposure to pesticides with community effects in streams, a meta-analysis

For further information please contact Matthias Liess

Internship / Thesis: The impact of land use and forest patches on fresh water organisms

Applying ArcGIS to construct a continuous stream network and to assess the impact of land use and forest patches on fresh water organisms at the german scale.

For further information please contact Lena Reiber or Saskia Knillmann

Internship: Multiple stressors and freshwater macroinvertebrates

Applying toxicity tests to study the effects of co-occurence of neonicotinoid exposure and food limitation on mosquito larvae.

For further information contact Renato Russo

Internship: Effects of pesticides on the species composition in semi-field macroinvertebrate communities

For further information please contact Jeremias Becker


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Becker JM, Liess M 2015. Biotic interactions govern gentic adaptation to toxicants. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 282 (1806): published online.


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