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Managing contaminated sites

The SAFIRA II research programme

Managing contaminated sites

A large number of sites around the world have been contaminated on a large scale with harmful substances. Europe alone is known to have over 20,000 of these ‘megasites’. In many cases, the contamination means that the sites can no longer be used. Led by the UFZ, scientists are working at specific locations to develop potential solutions for the revitalisation of contaminated megasites.
This DVD (with background text, but no sound) uses animations, photos and diagrams to give a fascinating insight into current research in the area of contaminated site management. It provides information about the general scientific context and issues, gives an impression of the research and scientific working methods used, and presents some of the possible clean-up processes.

Languages: English and German
Total running time: 37:12 min
Nominal charge: 15,00 EUR
Produced: 2008

Order of the DVD: "Managing contamintated sites"

Mink Invasion - new exotic animals on Navarino

Cover DVD - Mink Invasion - new exotic animals on Navarino

Originally from North America, the mink´s first appearance on the southern Chilean island of Navarino near Cape Horn in 2001 was completely unexepted. In the 1930s, the mink (Mustela vison) was brought to Argentina for its precious fur and kept in fur farms. Now the animals have swum `unchecked´ along the Beagle channel and have discovered a new home in Navarino´s bird paradise - to the detriment of the native animal species and the despair of Navarino´s farmers. The biological diversity of Chile´s newest UNESCO biosphere reserve is under threat and conservationists are alarmed.
The film documents the fieldwork of the biologist Elke Schüttler and illustrates the drama and the threat of invasive animal species at the `world´s southern tip´.

Languages: English, Spanish and German
Total running time: 23 min
Nominal charge: 10,00 EUR
Produced: 2006

Order of the DVD: "Mink Invasion"


The fascinating world of the Large Blue butterflies

Cover Maculinea

Despite its pretty, filigree appearance, the Large Blues are characterised by what I for butterflies a distinctly brutal lifestyle, often involving the death of other creatures, namely ants. Like most other butterflies, the Large Blues lay their eggs on selected plants. However, the caterpillars do not complete their life cycle on these plants. Instead they become parasites of red ants. These ants carry the caterpillars voluntarily into their nests, apparently assuming that they belong to their own brood. Once in the nest, the caterpillars consume the ant eggs and larvae or, likecuckoo chiks, are fed by the workers ants.
This extraordinary lifestyle puts the Large Blues among the most remarkable insects in Europe. Unfortunatly, their double dependency - on the right plant species and the right species of ant - means that there are only a few places in the wild where the necessary conditions are to be found.
Consequently, it is no surprise that all five European Maculinea species appear on many Red Lists of threatened species. Even the smallest changes in land use can lead to a situation where the right host ants are no longer found in combination with the plants and thus whole butterfly populations are wiped out.
This film provides an insight into the world of the blue butterflies and shows its importance in interaction with nature. It highlights the fact that the butterflies cannot automatically adapt to the constantly growing land-use demands of human beings and shows how their disappearance sounds an alarm for our environment.

Languages: English and German
Total running time: 19 min
Nominal charge: 10,00 EUR
Produced: 2005

Order of the DVD: "Maculinea"

Water - an essential resource

Constructed wetlands remove germs from waste water

Water - an essential resource

Water is the source of all life. Yet clean water is becoming an increasingly rare resource in many parts of the world.
In the course of laboratory research and tests under practical conditions carried out over several years in collaboration with partners from science and industry, UFZ scientists have succeeded in demonstrating that waste water can be made hygienic for irrigation purposes using simple technology.
After a general introduction, the DVD provides information in the form of menu points (with text, but no sound) about various aspects of constructed wetlands:

Languages: English and Germany
Total running time: 10:36 min
Nominal charge: 5,00 EUR
Produced: 2005

Order of the DVD "Water - an essential resource"


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