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"Electron transfer processes at biogeochemical gradients"

March 4 – 7, 2008 in Leipzig, Germany






From 4 to 7 March 2008, a workshop will be organised at the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ in Leipzig, Germany. The focus will be on the study of electron transfer processes at biogeochemical gradients especially in relation to polluted environments. Microbial communities and activities are usually very complex in contaminated aquifers depending also on the geochemical gradients present. Along the various gradients, such as contaminant concentration, availability of electron donors/acceptors or redox conditions, different microbial communities may exist. During the workshop, international experts will give lectures in topics in this field of research.

The workshop aims at bringing together young and established scientists for an interaction in an interdisciplinary course related to electron transfer processes at biogeochemical gradients. Thermodynamics in groundwater biogeochemistry, detection and activity of microorganisms as well as stable isotope concepts, gradients at the micro- and macro scale and modelling will be covered.

The main goal of our workshop is to allow discussions and interactions with and between the students and the scientific experts.

The workshop is organised by Hans H. Richnow, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany, and Prof. Stefan Peiffer, University of Bayreuth, Germany, within the Helmholtz Interdisciplinary GRADuate School for Environmental Research (HIGRADE) and the context of the European Union Marie Curie Host Fellowship for Early Stage Training ‘Assessment of in situ Transformation of Xenobiotic Organic material ‘(AXIOM), the Helmholtz Association ‘Virtual Institute for Isotope Biogeochemistry - Biologically mediated processes at geochemical gradients and interfaces in soil aquifer systems’ (VIBE), both coordinated by Hans H. Richnow, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, and the DFG-Research Group "Regulation of electron and carbon flow in anoxic aquifers" (eTRAP), coordinated by Prof. Stefan Peiffer, University of Bayreuth, Germany.

All workshop activities will take place at the KUBUS located at the UFZ in Leipzig, Germany. Course language will be English.

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