Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig PhD position (f/m)
MARZIPAN: A DFG-funded research project is searching for a PhD candidate for the development and application of a coupled vegetation-groundwater model

The use and application of simulation models comes with an everlasting endeavour on the search for best-fit values while balancing optimal model complexity, non-uniqueness and over-parameterization. Even in the age of Big-Data, parameterization of subsurface and groundwater domains is limited by too few data, and will always be due to the restricted monitoring capabilities.

​​A DFG-funded research project will address this issue by combining allometric properties of above-ground vegetation, and it demands for water take up, with the inherent information of subsurface flow and transport processes through the coupling of vegetation growth and groundwater flow models. For this, we have chosen a tropical coastal forest system as a unifying example. We are looking for a PhD-candidate with an interdisciplinary education and interest in the subjects of hydro-, geo-, forest- or computer sciences (or combination of these).
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Der Fachbereich Umweltinformatik sucht im Rahmen des Verbundprojekts RWInnoBau einen wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter mit Option der Promotion für das Teilprojekt Modellierungs- und Visualiserungstool zur Integration der Radiowellen-Technologie in Produktions- und Arbeitsprozesse des Bauwesens.