Current teaching

as teaching staff of the faculty of physics and astronomy at the University of Heidelberg

spring break 2016
4th - 8th April

block course. Physical limnology (physics of lakes)

location: on the campus of the Heidelberg University

This block course aims at presenting the basics about physical processes in lakes, such as stratification, waves, currents, turbulence, mixing and matter transport. The course will consist of 14 lectures of 90 minutes accompanied by short exercise sheets. Lectures will be held in English. Most lectures will be presented by Dr. Bertram Boehrer (UFZ, Priv. Doz. Univ. Heidelberg) and Prof. Andreas Lorke (Univ. Landau). For the year 2016, we chose the focus of transport of matter in limnic waters. This includes lectures by Prof.Dan McGinnis (Inst. F.A. Forel, Université Geneve) and Dr. Martin Schultze (UFZ) on gas ebullition, turbulent transport and precipitation and redissolution of matter.

A more detailed programme will be issued closer to the block course. Students and scientists interested in attending the course are requested to contact us by email no later than the 31st Jan 2016. For further information, please address .
supported by Franatech, Lüneburg, Germany
supported by Anton Paar GmbH, Graz, Austria

summer break 2015

9.-11. Sep 2015

on-site measurements of physical limnology

only open to Heidelberg students

location: from UFZ- magdeburg to Rappbodetalsperre and lakes of Merseburg-Ost

On an excursion to lakes, the participants will conduct limnophysical measurements by themselves. Probably the lakes Rappbodetalsperre in Harz mountains and the salty mine lake Merseburg-Ost will be chosen for the excursion. General physical properties and processes in lakes will be encoutered and special features of artificail lakes, such as dammed waters and lakes having formed in the depressions of lignite mines will be discussed and measured by the participants themselves. This course is only available for students of the Heidelberg University. Costs for travel and accomodation must be covered by everybode him/herself. The number of participants will be limited, please apply by email: