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UFZ-Seminar "Wasser und Umwelt"

Montag, 28.April 2014, 15.00Uhr
Seminarraum, Brückstraße 3a, 39114 Magdeburg

Stefan Stoll
(Senckenberg Forschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum, Abteilung Fließgewässerökologie und Naturschutzforschung, Gelnhausen)

River restoration: what are key variables for success or failure?

Reach-scale river restorations have led to partly contradicting results. Some restorations are more successful than others. Analysis of large datasets comprising many restoration projects offer insight into underlying patterns and allow extracting key drivers of restoration success or failure. This talk sheds some light on the role of the species pool in the surroundings of restored river reaches, the effects of local versus regional habitat quality for community quality, successional stages of communities at restored river reaches, and most promising restoration techniques.




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