CITE seminar series

CITE - Chemicals In the Environment - is a research topic within the Helmholtz programm oriented funding. CITE addresses multiple aspects of the impact of chemicals in the environment. The seminar series (irregular) with invited external speakers aims to reflect these different aspects.

Scheduled seminars

Date: Thursday, September 11th, 01:00pm, KUBUS Saal 1CD        

Presenter: Prof. Dr. A. Alia Matysik (University Leipzig)

Title: Novel magnetic resonance approaches for live zebrafish imaging and metabolic profiling

Abstract: Zebrafish (Danio rerio) has emerged as one of the most promising and cost-effective model systems for environmental toxicity studies as well a powerful model organism for studying vertebrate biology and human diseases. However, in vivo studies in zebrafish are restricted to very early developmental stages due to opaqueness of the juvenile and the adult stages that cannot be approached by optical imaging methods. In this talk, I will present our novel in vivo magnetic resonance microimaging studies to image live adult zebrafish at ultra high magnetic field to get sufficient anatomical details from various parts of adult zebrafish. Furthermore, we have optimized high resolution localized in vivo NMR technique to get access to the metabolic profile of the zebrafish brain in vivo. Methods has been successfully applied to zebrafish models of various human diseases. In addition, prospects of high resolution magic angle spinning NMR approach to study influence of toxic compound on the metabolic profile in intact zebrafish embryos will be discussed.

Host: Stephan Brox               



Dr. Stefan Scholz
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