CITE seminar series

CITE - Chemicals In the Environment - is a research topic within the Helmholtz programm oriented funding. CITE addresses multiple aspects of the impact of chemicals in the environment. The seminar series (irregular) with invited external speakers aims to reflect these different aspects.

Scheduled seminars

Date: Thursday, December 18th, 01:00pm, building 6.0 room 111

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Köster (Technische Universität Braunschweig)

Title: “Combining genetics and bio-imaging in zebrafish to study dynamic processes of cerebellum development and function.”

Host: Prof. Dr. Rolf Altenburger

Abstract: The cerebellum is one of the highest conserved brain regions in vertebrates dedicated to control balance, locomotion and motor learning. Its development is characterized by intense cell migration followed by an organisation into functional subunits of neurons with different function. The cell biological mechanisms underlying these processes of cerebellar development and function but also their malfunction in cerebellar neurodegenerative diseases are the focus of our research efforts. Because zebrafish are genetically tractable and their embryos are transparent zebrafish allow one to observe dynamic cellular and intracellular processes of cerebellum differentiation directly in vivo using time-lapse microscopy.


Dr. Stefan Scholz
Department of Bioanalytical Ecotoxicology, UFZ
Tel.: 0341 235 1080