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Drought in Germany, Aug 2015, ZEIT online
ZEIT online Dürrer wird's noch Newspaper article feat. UFZ Drought Monitor and M. Zink
Inauguration of the Climate Tower in Hohes Holz
mdr Inauguration of the Climate Tower in Hohes Holz lead by C. Rebmann & M. Cuntz
Zech et al: Sauna, Sweat, Science
Inflexibility of Some Hydrological Models Limits Accuracy
The importance of parameterizations for better continental forecast systems
German Drough Monitor
Climate Office German Drought Monitor beta version online
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Comparison of two extreme flood events in Germany in 2002 and 2013

Does parameterization technique affect simulations of water fluxes? selected for the Eos Research Spotlight in AGU's weekly newspaper.
Featured article

Nationwide agricultural drought reconstruction for Germany since 1950 at a spatial resolution of 4×4 km2.
Journal article

WRR-Editor's Choice Awards 2010: Multiscale parameter regionalization of a grid-based hydrologic model at the mesoscale.
Journal article