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profile_photo_Sandra Strunz
Name: Sandra Strunz (Germany)

Department Environmental Immunology

Flag Germany
Research topic

Importance of pollution for the allergy risk: studies in a murine model of transgenerational asthma

At UFZ since

November 2014

How did you learn about the UFZ?

2011 during my bachelor program I participated in an internship at the UFZ. Thus the UFZ as non-university research institution was already known. I could learn a lot, the equipment of the laboratories is very good and the staff were very knowledgeable and friendly.

Why did you come to the UFZ?

Because the UFZ as an employer is very attractive and simply offers the best working conditions for my PhD in Leipzig. I also hope that I can continue to work here after the graduation at the UFZ

What do you like about the city you live in?

I love the city of Leipzig for the many opportunities offered to us as a family with two children. There are great parks and playgrounds for the children and different activities are offered several times a year. For us as parents, there are many possibilities to relax, many restaurants and cultural attractions

How do you like it at the UFZ / in HIGRADE?

At HIGRADE I like especially the internationality and the opportunities to educate ourselves in different courses and learn about topics outside my own research topic

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Personal information ("what else to do", etc.)

I have two children.


Cooking, traveling, reading, sport, my two children