Graduate School HIGRADE

Information for HIGRADE members:

Master data sheet

Please download and send the filled in Master data sheet with all signatures at the latest 3 months after your arrival at UFZ to the HIGRADE Office or upload a scan on myHIGRADE.

Progress reports

Please download the form for the progress report, get all signatures and send it to the HIGRADE office every six months or upload it on myHIGRADE (preferred).

Application for HIGRADE travel funding:

Please read the guideline to apply for funding of business trips before applying!

Please, download the pdf-form "Application Form for Funding"

Fill in the form and include

  • SAP-print or for guests: travel cost application
  • programme of workshop/seminar/conference etc
  • proof of acceptance for poster/lecture at conferences

Then send it to:


As your contribution to support HIGRADE and further publicity of the program, please, add the following to your publications (Status: before "in print"), posters and presentations: "This work was kindly supported by Helmholtz Impulse and Networking Fund through Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Graduate School for Environmental Research (HIGRADE). (Bissinger & Kolditz 2008)"
Citation: Bissinger, V & Kolditz, O 2008. Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Graduate School for Environmental Research (HIGRADE). GAIA 1(2008):71-73.
Please provide the HIGRADE office with a pdf of your publications.

Good Scientific Practice at the UFZ:

Organisation of activities and credit points:

Please enter your activities in myHIGRADE or contact friederike.buchholz(at) to get feedback about activities and amount of credit points.